7 Skills 7 Minutes Podcast
The brand new series of the 7 Minutes 7 Skills podcast is well underway. In this series Emma Sue explores a range of topics from procrastination to gratitude.  Each episode is full of helpful tips and advice in just 7 minutes (roughly!)

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Episode 1 – The Game Changer of a Morning Routine 

For the start of our new series, 7 Minutes, Emma Sue shares the importance of a strong morning routine and top tips on how to create yours.

Episode 2 – Why You Need To Stretch Everyday

Think you know what stretching is? Think again! In this episode, Emma Sue explores the importance of your stretch zone.

Episode 3 – How To Build An Evening Routine 

After last week’s episode on the importance of creating a morning routine, Emma Sue highlights how creating an evening routine is the best way to start tomorrow. She shares her experience and top tips to help you create yours.

Episode 4 – The Power of Gratitude

Perhaps a ‘buzz word’ of the moment, Emma Sue takes a deep dive to explain what gratitude is, it’s history and how greatly it can change your life in 7 minutes.

Episode 5 – How To Deal With Change

For the past three years, weeks and even days we’ve dealt with so much uncertainty. When things feel out of control it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Emma Sue teaches you how to process these feelings and how to become more adaptable so you don’t feel such a sense of unease.


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