What are soft skills?

Not everyone likes the term “soft skills”. But whether you call them essential skills, generic/core skills, personal development, employability or life skills they possess things we all need.  It is important to strive for sharper critical thinking and develop a willingness to take risks.  Consequently, by using initiative, we can build confidence to create adaptability and flexibility.  As a result  we will have project passion and enthusiasm.

7 Skills For the Future is for anyone wanting  to develop these kinds of skills. You’ll find lots of resources, tips,  webinars and personalised support.

Discover the different sections to 7 Skills For the Future

Free Courses: The 7 skills broken down into bitesize chunks to start your development

Online Modules: An extension of the free course.  The certificated online modules are full of videos, podcasts and optional one to one coaching.

Masterclasses: For individuals and organisations to discover how the 7 skills can impact their life day to day

One to One Coaching: A personalised experience to help you discover the  7 skills and develop your professional and interpersonal skills

Alongside these, we have a book, a journal and a podcast.

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We are a highly specialised team of experts in materials design, training, digital and education. Together we drive and develop Unimenta and make sure everything runs smoothly. Our industry is pretty unregulated therefore we are committed to providing the very best.

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