10 Steps to Resilience


When the world is stacked against you, do you rise or do you fall?  Do you lash out or do you survive?  Resilience is the ability to respond well to pressure, deal with setbacks effectively and bounce back quickly. You must be a member to access this resource, sign in using the button on the top of this page or sign up as a member below!

Take a look at our FREE 10 Steps to Resilience Resource.  It's a skill that can be learned and we're here to help!  Simply download and it's yours to keep forever.   Print it off to make notes or keep it as a daily reminder.

Build resilience to handle setbacks, rejection and uncertainty. Get comfortable with failing. Most of all, create strong wellbeing strategies and a support network around you. Its is all about ensuring you have great strategies in place to handle change. It's also about being strong enough to take on new things and flourish! We need to treat problems as learning processes and to allow the small stresses of life to wash over us! Developing this skill has never been so vital.

Resilience is one of the 7 Skills for the Future.  They're key to developing interpersonal relationships and your employability.  The other skills are: optimism, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, being proactive and adaptability.  When each of the skills comes together we have flexibility, project passion and enthusiasm.

If you enjoy this resource we recommend you take a look at our FREE Resilience short course, Certificated module and podcast episode: Resilience, gratitude and a mental health toolkit

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