This 90-minute bespoke training session is facilitated by Emma Sue and is a unique masterclass designed to help you understand what optimism is and how it is a skill you can actively develop. This will pay huge dividends in terms of your performance and happiness. This workshop is tailored to group needs through pre-session questions and reflections. We will cover the following broad areas:
  • What is optimism?
  • What is positive psychology?
  • How does optimism link with being proactive and resilient?
  • The role of gratitude
  • Why we have a natural negativity bias
  • The locus of control
  • How to boost your optimism skills
Methodology includes break out discussion groups, practical exercises, video clips and polls to increase online engagement. This session includes TONS of easy-to-implement tips to boost mental health and wellbeing. Emma Sue leads many sessions like this across a range of industries. This is a rare opportunity so don’t delay in signing up! Register NOW - for LIVE session 8th March, 2024 10-11:30am GMT Once you have registered and paid, you will be sent the Teams link as well as some pre-workshop questions to help tailor the session to delegate needs.

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