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We run a range of workshops focusing on the 7 skills and workplace wellbeing. Whether online or face-to-face, our soft skills sessions are infinitely flexible and designed to fit around YOU

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7 Skills Workshops

We deliver powerful experiential sessions and workshops designed to raise awareness of:


These skills are critical to performance, wellbeing, happiness and productivity.

Learn how to tap into these essential skills and understand how to put them into practice every single day of your life. We can be happier, more effective and far better able to cope with change in an uncertain and exciting future.

Why take one of our workshops?

7 Skills sessions are….

  • life-changing
  • high-impact
  • value for money

Whether you join a full day face-to-face session, a self-access online course, a 90-minute live masterclass or individual coaching, you will find a rich learning experience.

Online Courses

Our bite-sized modules on each of the 7 soft skills deliver immediate insights and awareness within a 20 minute session. Our longer modules are designed to deepen your wellbeing and skillset.  These online courses include certification and access to live coaching

Online modules

Workplace Webinars

We deliver a range of 90-minute online masterclasses to organisations and individuals on a range of topics. From building adaptability and optimism in the midst of uncertainty to working productively from home, we can deliver workshops on what is most suited for your workplace well-being.

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Face-to-face sessions

High-impact learning to groups of 10 – 12 participants focusing on any combination of the 7 skills and delivered in half- and full-day sessions. Included: signed book, journal, individual feedback reports, coaching sessions.

Face-to-face workshops

7 skills coaching

If you’d prefer to learn about the skills in a one-to-one highly personalised session then our coaching programmes are for you. Learn how to apply each skill to every area of your life for optimum results. Focus is holistic and individual.

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