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Licensed trainers have their own secure section of the site with all workshop materials and webinars to support programme delivery.

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As a licensed trainer you have automatic VIP membership with access to all our modules and online content as well as regular live masterclasses and webinars.

Professional development

The best trainers never stop learning. You will have access to regular mentoring, live masterclasses and webinars exclusively for licensed trainers.

Trainer network

Our trainers work closely together to support each other. Once licensed you will be part of a small group led by one of our associates.

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We plan to run face-to-face sessions in January 2021 and are currently exploring how to license trainers online

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7 skills –  life-changing workshops

….that you will be offering to a range of different learners. Everything has been prepared and designed and all materials are included as part of your license.

The workshop is tried and tested with university students, lawyers, doctors, software engineers, digital project managers and many more groups.

Every single one of our groups, without exception, agree that these skills are vital and make the difference.

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Workshop reviews

Don’t take our word for it! Read what participants say about these workshops…

HE college principal

This workshop is different because it is not target driven or issues based - it is a holistic approach to soft skills training that can help individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. And it has helped affirm to me how to cope with the ‘curve balls’ in life.

LawyerCMS Law Firm

The workshop was incredibly useful in highlighting my own behaviours and the follow up coaching has really helped me become aware of a number of aspects of my personality and work habits. It’s been an insightful and interesting journey from start to finish and the lessons will stay with me for life.

Senior associateClifford Chance LLP

Really interesting and very useful - I would highly recommend this course (and already have to several partners in my team). A great positive message and helpful in the workplace.

Junior doctor

I really valued being able to share common issues with my colleagues. The tips and ideas were easy to implement and make a huge difference to our daily wellbeing. These sessions should be run at all levels.

Software engineer

To get a very large group of us (male) engineers into a room doing comedy improvisation and getting immediate insight into how badly we are communicating was pretty powerful.


I really enjoyed the interactive sessions and I learned so much about myself. I know that I can start to become a lot more adaptable and proactive in my life. Thank you.

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