How do we work with digital professionals?

In an industry focused on tools and processes, we advocate for increasing the skill set required for digital professionals to get the best out of their team and projects. 

7 skills for digital professionals

Based on the challenges experienced in digital we offer an alternative solution to those implemented in the past, to empower teams to: 

  • Embrace change and readily adjust to reassess priorities
  • Increase productivity
  • Adopt a positive, solutions-based approach
  • Make effective and informed decisions
  • Gain focus and perspective
  • Create meaningful relationships built on respect, trust, support, and mutual understanding
  • Commit to self-care to achieve mental and physical wellbeing

What we do

Online masterclasses

These highly interactive live 90-minute sessions for digital professionals focus on building adaptability and optimism during high uncertainty and change; supercharging productivity whilst working from home and building collaboration and new opportunities within teams.

One-to-one coaching

All of our sessions include up to 4 optional one-to-one coaching either in person or online. These sessions enable workshop participants to go into more depth to apply the skills in their personal and professional lives.

unimenta community

Face-to-face sessions

Working with multi-discipline groups of up to 12, we deliver highly experiential awareness-raising half-day and full-day programmes which include individual feedback, copy of the book and one-to-one optional coaching.

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What our clients say…

Digital project manager

It was great. I was able to identify with many exercises so it was helpful to then apply them within the context of my working environments.

Digital project manager

This session identifies the experiences and different pressures or emotions a DPM might go through and how this could be improved with small adjustments.

Digital project manager

I didn't realise it would be so interactive, which was good, hearing and sharing experiences with likeminded people and each concept was broken down to bite-sized chunks.

Digital project manager

Alison was calm, engaging, encouraged others viewpoint and offered clarity, when needed.

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