How do we work with universities?

We work with universities, undergraduates and graduates to support them with developing the 7 skills to help them succeed in today’s fast-moving and uncertain world.

7 skills for graduates

These are the skills students really need to cope in today’s fast paced, high pressured and uncertain world. Whether online or face-to-face, our high impact sessions focus on building stronger self-awareness of adaptability, empathy, critical thinking, integrity, optimism, being proactive and resilient. We align them with university employability and wellbeing skills objectives.


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What we do

Online live masterclasses

90-minutes of live facilitation with small student groups to support skills and wellbeing with optional coaching and feedback.

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Online modules

Independent online learning for each skill which students can take individually with optional coaching support.

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Face-to-face workshops

We run half-and full-day workshops with up to 10 groups of students. These include personal development plans. Currently on hold.

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What university students say

"I liked how open and free the session was, I was able to share my ideas and experiences with other students. I loved the environment, how free it was and the arrangement of the room. It was very stimulating and made me want to explore the environment that I was in."

Hospitality studentUniversity College Birmingham

"I wasn't confident in attending the workshop but I’m so glad I mustered the courage to come and learn new things and new strategies. I believe I have low self-esteem and confidence but now I am able to say that I have confidence and that my self-esteem about myself has increased."

Business studentUniversity College Birmingham

"I really enjoyed all the activities and different ways you incorporated critical thinking and adaptability. I thought it was a really interesting, fun and effective way of how to use critical thinking and adaptability in real life situations."

Law studentClifford Chance LLP Prime programme

"Emma-Sue is a brilliant trainer. A masterclass in how to structure sessions, build confidence, engage a group, grow them forward. Very engaging. I learned so much. Thank you"

StudentUniversity of Dhaka, Bangladesh

What others say…

Workshop Participant

The activities were useful especially for adaptability and critical thinking as it helped develop ideas of new ways to see things. I will try to apply the skills learned to my life.

Workshop Participant

I have learnt to be more proactive, I am mor likely to apply most of the ideas on a day to day basis. I would definitely recommend this training to a friend because it has inspired me in a positive way.

Workshop Participant

It is good for those who now have lost confidence to do things or low self esteem - good to achieve optimum wellbeing and encouragement. It is recomendable for those being people out of work for a long period to help give confidence to get back into work.


In two days this workshop has really changed the way I look at everything! I can’t even imagine what I will learn by the third day.


It really makes you think about things, sometimes you get stuck in a rut and its really hard to get out.


When talking about moving trying new things and new experiences in order to break patterns and make progress one participant spoke about “That funny feeling you get” to refer to the feeling of nervousness we experience when we are out of our comfort zone and said that they understood the power of saying “yes” to push through that feeling.


I’m really going to think more about what I want to do next.

Zaid Al-SayyahEmployment and Training Manager

Affinity Sutton worked with Unimenta on the Advantage 7 Skills for the Future programme, aimed at helping residents with significant barriers into work. The programme was very structured and provided the foundation needed to help residents change their outlook on life; challenged their negative perceptions and allowed them to step out of their world and take a birds eye view of their situation.

Workshop Participant

The activities were useful especially for adaptability and critical thinking as it helped develop ideas of new ways to see things. I will try to apply the skills learned to my life.

Our Success Stories

University College Birmingham

We are proud to be working with UCB (the very first workshop was piloted here in 2013!) delivering a range of regular online and face-to-face sessions to students studying hospitality, business and tourism.

Clifford Chance PRIME programme

We work with Clifford Chance LLP’s PRIME programme to support students entering a career in law to sharpen their adaptability and critical thinking skills. The sessions include personal feedback and a copy of the book.

Maybe your university

…will be our next success story? We are actively looking for universities with whom we can work to support wellbeing and resilience skills.

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We’d love to work with YOU

If you would like us to work with your university, please get in touch to discuss options and pricing. We work on a per person pricing model and have a sliding scale of fees for public sector.

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