7 Skills For the Future in Education

We work with students and staff at leading universities to help improve productivity, employability and educational standards and prioritising wellbeing.

Two UK universities now have their own personalised landing page for the 7 Skills For the Future modules and we regularly deliver workshops (online and in person) on a range of topics including Managing Stress, Balancing Workload and Self Care, amongst others.

How Do We Work With Universities?

Run Workshops

Our wellbeing workshops explore the 7 Skills (Adaptability, Being Proactive, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Integrity, Optimism and Resilience) and a range of topics focusing on wellness and productivity.  Each workshop be personalised to you, your staff and students needs.


We work closely with staff to help support students and work towards their personal development.  Topics for training are unique to each organisation, popular personal development sessions include presentation skills, supercharging productivity and critical thinking.

New Materials

Collaborate with us to create new learning materials, online courses and up skill staff to support student wellbeing.

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What the Universities we work with say

The facilitator was kind, knowledgeable and took a real interest in each person. She also handled camera/mic tech issues expertly. The session was really well structured, and I appreciated the time for breakout groups. Very worthwhile attending”

Staff memberUniversity of the Arts College London

“I feel like I can do more than before”

Affinity Sutton Housing Association(referring to working on comfort zones and adaptability)

“I understand myself and things around me more”

Anon(talking about problem solving)

Our Current Projects


We regularly work with the online learning platform O’Reilly to deliver a series of online workshops exploring Critical Thinking and Being Proactive and Integrity.

University of The Arts London

Each month we meet with managers at the University of The Arts London to deliver workshops on Self Care and Balancing Your Workload. We also run face-to-face workshops on Creative and Critical Thinking.

MOME Innovation centre
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Students at MOME are enjoying our online personal development courses.  The Resilience and Being Proactive online courses closely link to the work within their modules.

London Southbank University

One of our newer partnerships is with London Southbank University.  After successful pilot sessions we will be facilitating in-person and online workshops for university staff as part of their wellbeing offer.

University College Birmingham

UCB were the first of our university partners to pilot a landing page for students to explore our 7 Skills For The Future online modules. We have also facilitated in-person and online sessions with graduating students over the past few years.

University of Toronto

Emma Sue is hosting an online webinar for graduates and students at the University of Toronto on: Thriving in the Workplace.   We look forward to continuing our partnership with them


A two-day workshop at Royal Grammar School to boost staff’s personal development and presentation skills. We offered unique insight and took a deep dive into their techniques to create a bespoke learning experience.


We’re thrilled to be working with FindCourses.co.uk to list our courses. You can browse all of our courses on the link above.

We’d love to work with YOU

If you would like us to work with your university, please get in touch to discuss options and pricing. We work on a per person pricing model and have a sliding scale of fees for public sector.

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