7 Skills self-access online modules

We have created self-access dynamic online learning for the 7 skills. Each course has been designed to replicate our face-to-face sessions as far as possible, using the latest online learning technology. The courses can be completed at the learner’s own pace.

Each course includes:

  • Individual log-in for each participant
  • Learning outcomes and guidelines for completion
  • 15 – 10 different interactive exercises (quizzes, mood boards, reading, video-clips, podcasts and reflection
  • Additional downloadable resources, exercises and slides
  • Option for 15-minute live coaching with me
  • Certificate of completion
  • Record of learning journey
  • Options to produce written assignments (all reflection and notes are saved for each learner)
  • Options for live coaching and personalised development using learning and awareness gained from module
  • Options for CPD points and to cross-link with organisational objectives and learning
  • Resources and further reading

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Woman laughs Resiliance Unimenta


Building resilience is all about ensuring you have great strategies in place to handle change, uncertainty, setbacks and rejection. It's also about being strong enough to take on new things and flourish!

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Optimism Glass


Optimism IS a skill rather than positive thinking or just how you're feeling. This module gives you lots of practical tips and ideas to boost your happiness, productivity and flow.

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People being proactive

Being Proactive

Get into the driving seat of your life by being proactive, working towards your goals, knowing how to handle procrastination and always creating that space between stimulus and response!

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Friends showing integrity personality quiz


Do you do what you say you will? Do you walk the talk? Can others trust you? Integrity is like an inner compass but needs to be visible on the outside for all to see. Embrace it as a skill and see an immediate impact!

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Hands together empathy unimenta


Enhance all your relationships by building empathy. It's the art of being able to sit with someone else's experience which will be different from your own. It's also about truly listening and experiencing real understanding.

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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking today is all about fluidity, generating lots of ideas, managing huge amounts of information well, collaboration, creativity and resourcefulness! This module is packed with lots of ideas and exercises to strengthen this skill.

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Being adaptable is the ability to change yourself in response to changed circumstances. We are hard-wired to adapt but naturally resist change. This module shows you lots of ways to flex and strengthen your adaptability skills.

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