Switching off for four weeks

This feels so indulgent to do but also so much needed.  This was me this time last year, preparing to go to the South of France for the whole of August. I was here by this pool for four whole weeks – it was bliss!

Yet, switching off completely is something we seldom do. Four weeks is a long time – 28 days – 672 hours and no work!!

I know that many people will continue to work throughout August too (myself included this year) but perhaps there are small ways to switch off:

  1. Read more – I have a whole stack of books and magazines that I have not yet got round to reading. Perhaps there’s a book you’re longing to dip into – even just 20 minutes a day promotes wellbeing.
  2. Exercise and yoga – last year I swam every single day for 45 minutes and did online yoga. It was a great antidote to the croissants but also just vital for wellbeing. What is your favourite kind of exercise – find time to do it! I’ll continue to swim and kickbox at my local gym.
  3. Go for walks – this is definitely doable every day and is a huge boost for wellbeing, fresh ideas, getting perspective and movement.

Every Friday in October we’ll be running live lunchtime wellbeing sessions

We focus on being present and using breath and different themes to help us to do this. The more we can be in the present moment, the more effective, grounded and happy we are.

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Emma Sue presenting

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Writing – just 5 or 10 minutes a day is beneficial. I will be keeping on my gratitude journal but also just time to write down ideas and make space for fresh thinking.

Reflecting – right up there with writing – but just time and space to daydream, reflect, do nothing, Make a little time for this every day and notice how it transforms you

Playing games – yes, we’ll be playing silly board games for sure. It is August after all! It’s a great way to connect and have fun.

Digital detox – I plan to stay off social media and just be off my phone a lot more. I’ve downloaded some great podcasts and mindfulness recordings instead. Regular time OUT of your day and OFF social media and phones is probably one of the best things we can do and we don’t need to be on holiday to do it.

We need to take time for ourselves.  We need to prioritise and normalise self-care.  It is not selfish to fill your bucket first because if you don’t, you will soon have nothing left to give to others. Renewal and refreshing are vital – even if you are working this August, make time for YOU.

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